Friday, April 16, 2010

This looks familiar

In the spirit of FoxNews, where have I seen this before:

Starts humming "Bonnie Blue Flag"


pansypoo said...

butbutbut crist is almost christ!

jimmiraybob said...

I'm working on a plan. We let them secede.

1) Declare manifest destiny.
2) Concur them.
3) Force march all the rebel, rebel sympathizers, anti-governmenters, new revolutionaries, Larouchites, John Birchers, anti-taxers, and assorted malcontents with a better plan onto reservations in the north Alaska territory, where they can rebel yell to their hearts content, set up the perfect small government, fight the Ruskies in perpetuity, hunt & fish, and live happy and satisfied lives.
4) Work out a 10-point repatriation and reparations program for the concurred territories eventually leading to statehood (except for the North Alaska territory).

I'm thinking this could be good for jobs creation.

Raoul Paste said...

And Malcolm X's last name was 'X'!!

Its all becoming clear to me now.

Mr. Hedley Bowes said...

First, jimmyraybob, we'll have to remove the nukes.

guessed said...


does this mean by bagger logic a b***** is preferable to a f*****?

jimmiraybob said...

First, jimmyraybob, we'll have to remove the nukes.

I concur. Which brings up an unfortunate spelling incident.
When I said "concur them" I really meant "conquer them." I have appropriately demoted myself.