Thursday, April 29, 2010


John McCain, he's getting maverickly unpopular, Harry Reid's numbers are or are going to be much better in comparison (and fat lot that will do for you too Harry -- you better save your chickens to beat that Lowden woman!)

Currently, 55 percent of Arizonans say they disapprove of his job performance compared to 34 percent who approve. The fresh numbers represent a 27 percentage point drop in his approval rating since September.


JDM said...

Maybe it's finally good bye to that flappy armed kept man reich wing shit wipe who calls his his velociraptor wife a cunt in public.

Montag said...

If the polling's accurate, Hayworth could bump him off, and Hayworth would then lose to the Dem, which would be like a twofer.

But, I suspect that McCain's people are working hard to come up with something that could queer Hayworth with the batshit insane of AZ.

Equally possible that McCain, having failed twice to ascend to his imagined rightful place in American life (Our Supreme Leader), is now completely bored with the Senate, and doesn't really give a shit if he loses. After all, having to show up in the Senate has cut into his day job--appearing on talk shows.

pansypoo said...

i don't get it, mccant has always been hard rite. he just was funny. well,....used to be funny.

merlallen said...

I want to see crash's birth certificate. the one that says he was born in Panama.