Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In all fairness, the area is still traumatized by two things

Favre's late pick against the Saints (THE PAIN!!!!) and most relevantly Larry Craig's restroom shenanigans.

The early reviews for the Twins' new ballpark have been almost unanimous in their praise — almost. The lines outside the men's restrooms have been long, even longer than the women's. This makes no sense. We need answers.

Fewer holes, less glory.


StonyPillow said...

Ahem. In Wrigley Field, they use 30-foot long stainless steel trough as "urinals". You walk up, you recycle your beer, the end. Not much in the way of lines, either.

Montag said...

Reminds me of Richard Belzer's bit about going to the bathroom at the old Yankee stadium.

pansypoo said...

chick revenge? awesome!

Anonymous said...

Real Vikings fans don't need restrooms. They bring their own bags and catheters vox