Sunday, April 18, 2010

Way to broaden the Party

Having launched a full-blown generational attack on uteri, some in the GOP are determined to just take women back to the 19th century and eliminate their right to vote.

That'll certainly convince them to vote Republican.


StonyPillow said...

Same argument applies to everybody. Their only legitimate form of government is NONE. Seditious moronic zombie @ssholes all. Unfit to govern, unable to serve.

Q: What's the difference between a Libertarian and an Anarchist?

A: A bachelor's degree.

Montag said...

There have been any number of Repug women (including a few running for office) who've broached this subject and come down on the side of repealing women's suffrage.

When you're willing to say, "I'll happily fuck my own rights in order to fuck those of others," you know that the crazy is not curable.

DrDick said...

I think that the Republicans have finally embraced (a small fraction of) reality (a shocking development in itself) and recognized that they will never be able to attract significant numbers of women and minorities with their policies which disproportionately harm them. Therefor, the GOP has also come up with the only acceptable solution, return to the mid-19th century (it is a constitutional originalist position!) and take away their rights to vote.

dancinfool said...

Surely this was just an awkward and silly attempt at satire/irony? It's not the author's fault he's a Republican. Oh, wait. Yes it is.

pansypoo said...

and the white rite wing has no bias whatsoever! as colbert says, they are the deFAULT.

welcome to your permanent minority.