Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This Scene soon to be known as

Gandhi goes to Tucson:

Really, a truly monumental accomplishment there Arizona, re-instituting South Africa's old policies.


pansypoo said...

boycott them.

Expat said...

No need to boycott, just let the

Colorado River run FREE!

from Colorado to the Gulf.

Jake said...

In Arizona they would use a taser first. Then bullets.

Anonymous said...

Even South Africa didn't have a Maricopa county sheriff who made his inmates wear pink and has been abusing them physically and verbally for years, preparing the citizenry of Az for its great leap backward. vox

Anonymous said...

This could inspire a 21st century revival of the Freedom Riders.


guessed said...

arizona, south africa, middle east. there must be a study somewhere that correlates heat with anti-social behavior.