Friday, April 23, 2010

Jealous much?

Michael Steele, a high-living and exquisitely inadvertent quote machine is the best RNC Chair a Democrat ever had. Two days ago he managed to admit what is well-known but never spoken by a Republican, that the Party of Lincoln's strategy the last two generations has been to become the Party of Jefferson Davis.

After a series of reports of lavish spending, from bondage-clubs and single-malt office supplies to keeping the Hawaiian tourism economy afloat, he had the kindness to send me this email yesterday:

Barack Obama is crisscrossing the country shaking down his fat-cat pals for campaign cash:

* Boston, April 1: $2.5 million.
* Miami, April 15: $2.5 million.
* Los Angeles, April 19: $3.5 million.

These are the latest stops on his whirlwind fundraising tour.

Yes, Michael Steele has discovered that politicians, especially powerful ones, have the incredible ability to RAISE cash, not just spend it. This is something even Sarah Palin knows -- incredibly well. And when Sarah Palin is wiser to the ways of the world than you, well, you are the best RNC Chair a Democrat ever had.

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Montag said...

Ask Michael Steele to define "wingnut welfare" and he'd say, "I are it."

Major Woody said...

Gosh, that's impressive. 3.5 million on April 19th. Now that, thanks to the Supremes, corporations can spend what they want on campaign adds, we have to view that in the proper perspective. That's probably what a big corporation spends in a day on urinal cakes. You know, I kind of liked democracy, I'm going to miss it.

I fought the lawn. And the lawn won. said...

Ah, yes, Major Woody, but I hear that there is a lawsuit on the way up the court process which argues that since corporations now have the rights of persons, they should also have the responsibilities of persons...

...wouldn't it be amazing if the CEO, board of directors and shareholders of Massey Energy could be held personally responsible for the 29 coal miners who died due to their negligence in deliberately flouting safety regulations?

jimmiraybob said...

Go fat cats for Obama! Thin cats too.

pansypoo said...

GOP-party of dogs.

Anonymous said...

And they are ravenous for blood. Vox