Saturday, February 05, 2011


Apparently as part of the Super Bowl pregame festivities (between new super expensive male enhancement ads) the NFL and Fox (naturally) are going to note it is nearly Reagan's 100th Birthday.

As Charles Pierce noted you may have missed the 100th Anniversary noting of the far greater President's, FDR, 100th birthday by the NFL in 1982 because it didn't happen.


StonyPillow said...

Hey, football is a Republican sport. I'll be monitoring Puppy Bowl VII, Mutts vs Purebreds, and catch the commercials people talk about on YouTube later.

Yesterday MrAngreePee (a purebred Wheaten Terrier) had enough of this snow business, and nipped off a generous loaf on the sidewalk. Mrs. Pillow, never one to brook nonsense from our neighbor's dogs, looked down with disgust on the offendi. She grabbed the pooper scooper, and plucked up his turkish delight.

A moment of puzzlement. What to do with the prize? Climb through the drifts to the garbage? We hadn't even uncovered the poo pail yet. And then, a moment of inspired athletic excellence.

In a cross between jai alai and shotputting, she swung the pooper scooper and lofted the turds in a graceful arc over the frozen wastes to the farthest reaches of the yard. I love that woman.

We'll get to it next month when the snow melts.

sukabi said...

good story....but

it's more likely that your neighbor will get to it next month when the snow melts and it falls gently onto their property... ;-)

Anonymous said...

wasn't it enough georgee fucking W invaded a superbowl???

why won't raygun DIE.

DrDick said...

I shall be marking the occasion by taping a picture of the Gypper in my toilet all day. I have stocked up on bleach and cleaning solvents to remove the stain afterward.