Friday, February 11, 2011

Surprised and Stunned, I'm sure

Did you hear that the self-proclaimed self-made man who was the son of a really really wealthy guy spoke before a bunch of conservatives yesterday?

It's true.

Hard to believe.

I bet he then left to speak to a convention of bankers about how awesome it is to blackmail your way into being bailed out of pending bankruptcy, repeatedly. They learned it all from him.

Only in America.

(pic from here)

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Anonymous said...

He can't fire me, but I can ignore him and his fellow peckerwood crazies.

Athenawise said...

If Trump ever got elected President, you just know he'd think he was the best one ever. They'd have a hell of a time chiseling his hair on Mt. Rushmore.

pansypoo said...

why doesn't he just get himself implants?

maybe better we can laugh at him.

Montag said...

M'self, I think Trump's after the Huckabee vote, because whatever that is on his head looks like something Huckabee would skin and deep-fry.