Friday, January 14, 2005

So Worth It

When not discussing such vital matters with Barbara Walters such as whether he will watch the Academy Awards? what he thought of Starr Jones Wedding? and what kind of tree he'd like to be ("need some wood"?)?, our dearest Dear Leader reportedly:

[T]old Walters he has no regrets about his administration's decision to wage war in Iraq, despite inspectors' failure to find any weapons of mass destruction in the country — the chief rationale for the March 2003 invasion and toppling of Saddam Hussein's regime.

A direct quote:

"Walters: But was it worth it if there were no weapons of mass destruction? Now that we know that that was wrong? Was it worth it?

"Bush: Oh, absolutely."

No regrets huh...absolutely worth it.

100,000 Dead Iraqis, Most Civilians

No regrets at all...

It was absolutely worth it...

And for every death...the unregretted wounded

"Oh absolutely" worth it.* (see properties for sources)

Images of Sherman's Freedom's March

But no regrets...

America's reputation as a harbinger of hope for mankind, badly harmed

But no regrets...absolutely none.

And then there are those absolutely unregretted American soldiers, that you do not want shown...

There are now 1,360 and counting. But hey, absolutely no regrets.

And don't forget the wounded (including those from Poland!)


You Leave my Pretty Mind alone! You unpatriotic blogboy!

If it wasn't so tragic, it should be this.

Absolutely disgusting!

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