Wednesday, April 20, 2005

He's right this time

I spend a lot of time mocking the often sanctimonious Andrew Sullivan. But this time his sanctimony is directed in a fashion that I like, so like a typical blogger I'll link to him.

His comments on Ratzinger becoming Benedict XVI probably sum up the feelings of a large number of reformist minded Catholics (in which there are a huge number in the United States):

I was trying to explain last night to a non-Catholic just how dumb-struck many reformist Catholics are by the elevation of Ratzinger. And then I found a way to explain. This is the religious equivalent of having had four terms of George W. Bush only to find that his successor as president is Karl Rove. Get it now?

Meanwhile, checking over at the intersection of Torquemada Street & I heart Savonarola Avenue, I see that K-Lo and (presumably) Michael Novak are still orgasiming...fortunately in separate locales.

I can see it now, "Benedict XVI will make it cool to line up Ted Kennedy and John Kerry and other soft-Catholics into a big enough bonfire of stakes that we can spell out OPUS DEI".

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