Saturday, November 24, 2012

A bad tradition like no other

For those of you who follow the sport most predominantly known as "football" this is old school bigotry:
A brutal attack in Rome on fans of the Tottenham Hotspurs soccer team, a London club with strong Jewish connections, has been blamed on anti-Semites. Ten fans were injured on Thursday, one seriously, when a gang of around 50 stormed a bar in the Italian capital, wielding baseball bats, knives and broken bottles before a Europa League match against Lazio, a Rome team. The assault was immediately linked to Lazio’s notoriously troublesome fans, the Ultras, although team officials denied its supporters were involved.
Unmentioned is that Lazio's 'Ultras' go back with a strong association with Facism. NOTE however, that the BBC says it was fans of A.S. Roma Lazio's biggest rival (though also with a history of facism). Some bad shit never changes.


Dana said...

Obviously the Roma or Lazio fans hadn't seen The Infidel. Great comedy about a Muslim who finds he was adopted and born Jewish.

Oh, as a Muslim he's a big Tottenham fan.So was Salman Rushdie when he lived in London. Rushdie is also Muslim.

pansypoo said...

fans shouldn't be able to use their hands either.