Friday, November 16, 2012

So how about something you can sneak on your parent's computer over the holidays

That tells them the right-wing bullshit mass email they are about to forward to you is, in fact, bullshit before you write them back and tell them -- and add "stop watching FoxNews you look like an idiot" causing hard feelings all around.

This is the App to handle the matter.

Of course, the first time this happens there are two possible scenarios.

1.  They freak out and think the black helicopters are after them.

2.  They call you to badly describe the problem for you and expect you to use your barely passable IT skills to fix the problem and tell them there is an "any" "anykey".

So I guess you can just block them.


Anonymous said...

Althought I have to say, my parent who sends me the left-wing loony crap is just as annoying.


Anonymous said...

There are left wing chain mails? I have yet to see one.

pansypoo said...

pfft on the fux gnew/dittos. but lo and behold, my mom started watching moyers new show, + then the dail show(tho, why so many bleeps) and the COLBERT REPORT!. and she did NOT vote for money boo boo.