Sunday, November 25, 2012

China has built

It's first aircraft carrier.

Obviously, the ONLY thing the GOP will demand now is that we build 15 new ones in response.   They only cost about $6 billion a piece.   We're gonna have to cut entitlements and lower rich people's taxes.


Richard Welty said...

well, they acquired and refitted a russian carrier, and reverse engineered a russian naval fighter. they have one trained deck crew and two pilots.
they still need an operational concept, a complete, trained carrier group, the other aircraft types needed to fully flesh out a carrier aviation group. plus, it takes 3 carriers to maintain one on station.
they're probably 10 years away from a real capability.

StonyPillow said...

A Nimitz class carrier is 330 meters long, and the Varyag/Liaoning is only 302 meters. We win!


pansypoo said...

it's the finest military industrial complex ever!