Thursday, November 22, 2012

A "Model" for government

Almost single-handedly being the downfall of a major charitable organization that once had almost universal support sure would not look good on most resumes.

But in the world where depriving people of sex, science and medicine is considered a positive boon, it has the makings of either political candidate or FoxNews Contributor. 

And before you do the latter, you might as well try the former:

Karen Handel, the former Susan G. Komen for the Cure executive who drove the charity's attempt to defund Planned Parenthood, is considering running for U.S. Senate in Georgia, according to one of her former aides.
 And ONLY is such a world could this statement be considered marginally valid:

If she ran, she would be going up against Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.), whom Roll Call reported may be vulnerable to a primary challenge from the right, given his "willingness to reach across the aisle and his comfort with the idea of compromise."


StonyPillow said...

Karen Handel is not a witch.

We humbly beseech, you, o omnipotent FSM, hear our prayers. Amen.

pansypoo said...

has the lemming party jumped yet?

Ebon Krieg said...

Who gives a shit?