Thursday, November 08, 2012

Golly, how'd these folks EVER lose?

A telling quote from a Romney insider tells you just the mindset they have about any non-white guy:

“We didn’t think they’d turn out more of their base vote than they did in 2008, but they smoked us,” said one Romney operative. “It’s unbelievable that that they turned out more from the African-American community than in 2008. Somehow they got ‘em to vote.”

Even in giving them props, they play on stereotypes.  They never consider their message no only turns off people who are NOT white men -- especially when it involves overtly trying to prevent them from voting -- but motivates voting against them.

I'd say "unbelievable" but of course, it is entirely believable.


Montag said...

Much more than we're led to believe by their press agents, the rich are clueless, too, about things that matter.

If you insult half the country, and lie to everyone, you are not, as Dale Carnegie put it, winning friends and influencing people. You are pissing them off. If you do that seeking office, they don't vote for you.

It's not rocket science, and it's high time that the political pundits and the consulting class stop treating it as if it were.

If they insist on aligning themselves with candidates that suck ditchwater, well, guys, losing is the default position. If they're just doing it for the money, well, what are they complaining about? They got paid. Don't be acting as if you suddenly have morals and scruples because your guy lost, and you told him if he hired you, he'd win. That's just compounding the hypocrisy.

James Stapleton said...


jimmiraybob said...


Demographics, the Iocane Powder of the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

who knew that blah people could actually hear our dogwhistlin'?

...and who could've predicted they would be pissed off enough about it to vote?

We're gonna have to develop a whole new technology of dog whistles, because these ones we've been using just aren't working anymore!

StonyPillow said...

They should have nominated Santorum, who could have united people of all races in paralyzing laughter.

pansypoo said...

rmoney was humperdink.

pansypoo said...

rmoney was humperdink.