Saturday, November 10, 2012

Giving them something to really attack you over

"Newsnight"  which is the BBC's version -- probably even more revered version -- of Nightline not quite a year ago suffered the indignity of having its network shelve a story it was going to run about a long-time BBC children's star, Jimmy Savile, having been a pedophile (he was).

Well, in the wake of that huge scandal in the UK, comes this complete fuck up in what was clearly of an overreaction caused by the first fuck up:

The BBC said that it was suspending all Newsnight investigations after the programme's accusations that a "leading Conservative" had been involved in child abuse unravelled, with the programme's star witness admitting hours earlier that he had mistaken the peer's identity.

The broadcaster, which is still coping with the fallout from the shelving of a Newsnight investigation into Jimmy Savile, also apologised unreservedly as a senior executive was parachuted in to supervise Friday's edition of the programme, on which the question of its own continuing survival was raised by presenter Eddie Mair.

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Montag said...

Alas, this may also mean that Greg Palast, through no fault of his own, may be out of a job.