Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hey look it's a human in troll form

Rupert's been hanging out with Pat Buchanan again:

Wow...a guy who owns waaaaaaay too much of the media complaining about a "Jewish owned press"?



Anonymous said...

Bring back Marty Peretz!!!!

Montag said...

Ah, yes, the self-hating Jewish millionaire publishers of the United States are being put to shame by the billionaire Jewish contributors to Mitt Romney, who would never say a bad word about the entirely trustworthy, compassionate and wonderful Bibi Netanyahoo and his band of deranged terrorists.

Gaw-ud damn, Ruprecht is a pustule of propaganda, even when he isn't trying.

pansypoo said...

gee huh, maybe because the head israelis are acting awfully GERMAN towards their neighbors.

fieldnoter said...

Correction - Murdoch is a troll in troll form