Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I suppose we'll just have to pretend this "might" happen

Rupert Murdoch, last heard from calling both Chris Christie and Jewish publishers traitors almost simultaneously must think a lot of his legal troubles from the phone-hacking scandal behind him. After all, he has started buying things again -- hoping to match the unqualified success of MySpace. But recent events have reawakened that old issue:
[bribery] charges brought against Rebekah Brooks, who ran Murdoch's newspaper holdings in Britain, Andy Coulson, former editor of the now defunct News of the World, and two other former News International employees exposes the parent News Corporation to possible action under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The FCPA exists to prosecute US-domiciled companies for acts of bribery and corruption that they might commit abroad.
Yeah, I'll pretend that might happen the same way I'll pretend Rupert did not become an American citizen for the sole purpose of ruining American journalism.

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StonyPillow said...

And the same way the FCC pretends they regulate who owns broadcasting licenses.