Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The best article today

The Williams-Sonoma Catalog of X-mas crap that should start a revolution every god-damned year...and the comment of the year about it:
Pearls of Wisdom Everyone go to your nearest Williams-Sonoma store and grab every catalog (do they call it a catalogue?) they have. Carry at least one around at all times, so the next time any person starts talking about repealing Obamacare and how the government has no place telling rich people how to spend their money, just hand them one of these.


pansypoo said...

obama must threaten the GOP w/ eisenhower rates for the 2%, and GET reagan era.

fuck consumerism. i spent $3 yesterday buying an elderly woman's stash of stuff. and my mom got books. ALL FOR $3. those individual pumpkin tureens would fetch $1 at an estate sale.

Montag said...

Knick-knacks for the nouveau riche.

Of course the Rockefellers have at least two of those goddamned chicken coops....