Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Like "Lincoln"

My Thanksgiving is going to end with a candle-flame transitioning to me giving a speech.

If you have seen "Lincoln" let me know if the ending didn't strike you as kind of off-puttingly hilarious.   Like Darth Vader's "NOOOOOOO" moment -- only with that it was the final denouement of a hilariously badly thought out trilogy of films, this was the "too schmaltzy" ending of a great movie -- how Spielbergian.

Should not keep anyone from seeing the movie, though, I liked it very much otherwise.  Very hard to make so much exposition interesting but it was done, in large part because of the performances -- Day Lewis pretty much has the Oscar already.

Just could have used a stronger editing in the finish.


pansypoo said...

well, the ending in reality rather sucked as well.

Athenawise said...

I'm not sure what your problem is with the ending, Atta. "Lincoln" is an artistic interpretation of historical fact. These kinds of movies are either good schmaltz or bad schmaltz. "Lincoln" is better than most.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the movie very much but, much like you, felt the movie should have ended with Lincoln moving down the hall on his way to Ford's Theatre. The ending felt tacked on and unnecessary to an otherwise good film. Everybody knows what happened when he got to the play.

Dana said...

Reminded me of "Lord of the Rings." Could have ended in several other places.

What I would have wanted? Voiceover of the Second Inaugural as Tommy Lee Jones walks home with the amendment in his hands. Close-up of Merkerson reading it and crying, then Jones lying next to her, wig off, with a tear in his eye. Hug. Gas lamp turned off. Credits.

snabby said...

That ending sucked out loud. There was no need. I was certain it was going to end when he walked down the steps in the White House, and that would have been ideal.

Speaking of his demise, how do historians know Lincoln was actually Jewish? Because he was shot in the temple.

Too soon?

snabby said...

Oh, and BTW, I always like WKUK's version of the events of that night. I don't think that's Daniel Day-Lewis.

StonyPillow said...

They should have credited another film company besides DreamWorks.

The acting was OK, not great. Since this is one of those films Hollywood makes to feel good about itself (and try to convince us they're not just economic vampires turning our children's brains into rutebegas), there'll be an avalanche of awards. But the only truly Oscar-worthy performances were Confederate Vice President A. Stephens' left eye, and whoever choreographed those ninja muttonchops.

And BTW, the screenplay wasn't very good. And John Williams' best days are decades behind him. And, um, that wasn't Lincoln. Right words, but not even close.

Wait a monthg or so, it'll hit the cheap seats and you'll get your money's worth. First run matinee pricing, iffy. Full first run price, ripoff. I'm glad I caught the early show.