Thursday, November 15, 2012

Their "outreach" to minority voters

Is sure to win a whole bunch of new converts:

Maine's outgoing Republican Party chairman plans to investigate claims that "dozens of black people" unfamiliar to local officials voted in rural Maine towns, the Bangor Daily News reports

“In some parts of the state, there were dozens of black people who came in to vote,” Charlie Webster said in an interview. “Nobody in town knew them.”
Mr. Webster forgot to also add, "and they all looked-alike".

Yes, can no one end this scourge of invisible black people that suddenly appear in rural Maine every four years for the literal crime of "voting while black"?

Although I do wonder how Paul Ryans "urban voters is why we lost" theory matches up with the theory that the same "urban" voters invaded the back woods of Maine?

Oh, I'm sorry, logic doesn't apply to Republican voting theory.


Anonymous said...

Did he also say they were all high on cocaine, which made them unafraid of bullets and lustful for white flesh?

Wouldn't surprise me...

Athenawise said...

... and they burst out of the woods yelling, "Where da white wimmen at?"

Racist jerk.

StonyPillow said...

Maine is 95.4% white. There's a lot of urbans in that woodpile.

pansypoo said...

just blueberry stained.