Friday, November 09, 2012

For those who think the GOP is about to change

This is a party that doesn't believe in science, whether it is evolution or the big bang or scientific polling -- hell they have problems conceding there is gravity.

Their leadership was as enthralled of miracles over reality as much as their base.

What fucking reason is there to think they are going to suddenly accept actual voting?

Right now the GOP is thinking, well the minorities won't turn out in 2014 so no need to change now.

If you WANT them to change you better find a way to make sure your base turns up in non-Presidential election years.  IF that happens, THEN they'll have no choice.

But until then?   Nothing, they'll just keep hoping for the worst -- and doing everything in their power to MAKE the worst come about.


Montag said...

Ah, well, the inimitable Herman Cain is out calling for a third party--presumably of the real leaping screamers--because the stodgy old GOP just can't win.

So, maybe we'll end up with the party of plutocrats and plutocrat wannabes, and a Tea Party composed of Flat-Earthers, evangelicals jonesing for the end of the world, libertarians, penny-ante tax cheats and survivalists, all funded by the other party's plutocrats.

Somewhere in all that is a gift to the Democrats which, if history is any guide, they will fail to notice.

Anonymous said...

I know all the beltway types like to blather on about how the GOP needs to rethink their shit, but I just don't see that ever, ever happening.

They've doubled down on the racism and ignorance so many times that it's become who they are.

Think Hitler in the bunker... did he ever voice one single doubt or regret?

Only one to my knowledge--- he wished he'd attacked Czechoslovakia in 1938 instead of 1939!

Anonymous said...

And oh yeah, meant to say... this election was way too close to cause them to panic.

They'll need to lose CONSISTENTLY by HUGE margins in order for their fatcat backers and idiot rube base to ever abandon them.

WallytheWineGuy said...

I'm thinking of forming a political consulting firm to get on the GOP gravy train. Our selling point will be that McCain and Romney lost because they distanced themselves from the glory days of George W Bush. Rove should be a big supporter.

Anonymous said...

I've told folks that the only conclusion the Greedy Old Plutocrats will draw from is election is that they have to move further to the right.

pansypoo said...

depends on how much they suck til then. & when do we bring back Dean?

Anonymous said...

Repugs aren't gonna change. But neither do we have to listen to their shit anymore.

Tax the shit out of the fucking rich already.

Discharge a bunch of military, and pay veterans and others to repair infrastructure with that money instead.

Do not buy the fait-accompli the corporate media is already pushing (even on the morning shows? yes. You gotta watch that shallow fluff too - millions do):
Not a dime from Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefits! Hell NO! (Cost controls on medicine and medical care? - mos def.)

Strike while the processing's still going on. Make sure the message sinks in: Wingnuts suck big hairy donkey balls. It's true, people!

pansypoo said...

if we picked off montana + another red state, or 3, then they get ir.