Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vatican and Republican Approved

The World they'd love to have in the U.S. of fuckin' A:

A woman has died from blood poisoning after Irish doctors allegedly refused to perform an abortion stating ‘this is a Catholic country’. 

An investigation has been launched into the death of Savita Halappanavar, who was 17 weeks pregnant and suffering a miscarriage and septicaemia.

The 31-year-old dentist’s husband Praveen says his wife had complained of agonising back pain when admitted Galway University Hospital.

She was found to be miscarrying, but doctors repeatedly refused to carry out a medical termination because the foetus's heartbeat was present.

Mr Halappanavar, 34, also claims that after several requests by his late wife for a termination, they were told: “This is a Catholic country.”

Abortion is illegal in the Republic of Ireland.

Via Atrios 

And speaking of the world they want -- a scientific study (the first known one) of women and abortion has been published and managed to show ever right-wing, anti-choice argument is as spurious as every other argument they make about every other subject as summarized at Balloon Juice:

  • Turnaways (from abortions) were more likely to stay with their partners, and as a result, were more likely to be victims of domestic violence.
  • Women in the study who were denied abortions were more likely to be in poverty than the women who had abortions.
  • There was no indication of lasting, harmful mental health issues for women who had abortions when compared to those turned away. But, there was a clear finding that being denied an abortion was a risk to physical health, with childbirth being more dangerous than abortion.

And right now Rick Santorum has the biggest boner of his life.


pansypoo said...

the unborn count more than the living woman. i refuse to be 2nd class.

Montag said...

After the major fucking, literal and figurative, that the Catholic Church gave the country for decades, one would think that the government might have something to say about, um, reproductive rights, and how the Church treats the impoverished children of Ireland, and do something about the stranglehold a corrupt, corroded Church has on social welfare law in the country.

Anonymous said...

Ireland is so progressive they legalized divorce all the way back in 1993.
The Catholic church is a boon for the backward and bigoted, and a curse on everyone else.