Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Say hello to the Old Nazis!

Hey somebody kept their promises -- a true ex-"Patriot":

Frank Szabo, the one-time candidate for Hillsborough County sheriff who sparked controversy when he declined to rule out using deadly force to stop abortions, has left the country.

Szabo pledged to protect citizens against rogue federal bureaucrats if elected, arresting government agents if he thought it necessary to protect property and personal rights. In an earlier interview with WMUR, he had said he might use deadly force to stop abortions but later retracted that statement, saying that he would simply arrest abortion providers.

On Sunday night, Szabo announced on Facebook that he had left the United States. He didn’t name his destination, though other recent posts indicate he’s in the South American nation of Chile…
His family requested he spend less time in the same hemisphere with them.

Well he does have better odds of joining a good junta down there.  Is he living in the Pinochet Heights Condominiums?


pansypoo said...

not ireland? they don't care if women die there.

Montag said...

If he left the country, it's more likely because there's a warrant out for him.