Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ah, the picture of screaming

Is one thing, but the out-and-out cruelty toward a guy with parkinson's is where the piggishness truly comes in.


psychobroad said...

What the hell is wrong with these people? They're screaming furiously about stopping something that's going to make their lives better.

Anonymous said...

They just don't want to allow the Obama administration to pass anything now or anytime in the future..
vox - aka anon.

jimmiraybob said...

The guy that's mocking and throwing dollar bills at the other guy sitting down, the guy with Parkinson's, is classic. This portion of the video should be posted at the top of every liberal, progressive and/or moderately sane blog supporting health care reform - and kept there for the duration.

If that isn't the summation of the Tea Assholes and Republican Party of Disdain I don't know what is.

Montag said...

It's deja vu all over again.

We have been here before, and it wasn't pretty.

Try to imagine what would have happened to the guy in the wheelchair if he'd said he was a communist....

pansypoo said...

a lot of people do not care to be civilized or care for anybody else.

jimmiraybob said...

pp - a lot of people do not care to be civilized or care for anybody else.

And this is the essence of today's conservative movement; people who have theirs, assume that they will always have theirs and are militant about making sure that they do not contribute a penny of what is theirs for the maintenance of a civilized, just and compassionate society - so long as anybody else might be helped.

The most valuable contribution of Glen Beck, the new movement king, is that he strips away any and all pretense. He is against social justice, whether advocated by church or state, and by his god he will lead the angry masses to annihilate any semblance of common defense and maintenance of society. His is a bleak prescription for society and is more than perfectly epitomized by the angry, hateful, dressed-for-business, asswipe that mockingly tosses the dollars at the meek, the ill and the less fortunate striving to hold on to some amount of dignity.

That angry guy IS Beck's America. So is the guy bending down over the meeker protester and telling him that they'll be no handouts in his part of town. Not even for those that no longer can survive on their own - if you stumble it's off to the wilderness to dutifully die.

That is Tea Bagger Nation. That is Glen Beck's world. And Michelle Bachmann's. And Sarah Palin's "Good America".

Ugly. Brutal. Completely without compassion or concern for others as long as the gubmint, a gubmint elected of the people...of our neighbors, is involved. That is the battle. That is where we are in the culture war. That video shows the aggressor warriors in all their naked incivility. These are the proto-fascist mobs on the brink of venting their grievances against the meek and the less fortunate with violence that some day in the future will be written about by some fraction of Jonah Goldberg's seed as the liberal left.

Anonymous said...

incivility is so mean.
Would immolating oneself like the monk did in Vietnam to protest the occupation have equalized things?
vox, aka anon.