Tuesday, March 23, 2010

David Gregory -- Idiot

Just now on MSNBC that in challenging health-care reform legally

"Republicans will argue you cannot be forced to buy insurance".

-- Yes, this philosophy has really worked for those of us in regards to auto insurance.

Gregory is the laziest talking point machine alive -- now kissing the ass of "President" John McCain.


DanF said...

Oddly, I was forced to pay taxes for a war I didn't support. A lot of that tax money went to private companies like Black Water.

But say the activist judges uphold Dancin' Dave's line of reasoning - the problem can be solved by forcing people to pay into Medicare and expanding Medicare coverage.

Anonymous said...

I made the same argument to a conservative friend recently but he countered that you are not forced to buy a car and therefore can opt out of buying car insurance. With health care there is no way to opt out under nay circumstances.

Unknown said...

Took the words right out of my mouth, DanF.

You know, as sorry as I feel for some of the poor people in the Red states who can't afford health insurance, one part of me hopes that some of these stupid fucking cracker states manage to pass legislation allowing people to opt out of buying any health care insurance.

Then some of these Tea Party "Go Galt" cranks might get a good lesson when they needed health insurance and couldn't get it.

Just sayin...

pansypoo said...

oy, i better lie low when pansypoo infiltrates texass.

pansypoo said...

i bet he and williams are best buds and both like jabba raydeeoh.

CPinHI said...

Anonymous--tell your conservative friend that he is right, no one can opt out of needing health care under any circumstances. Everyone gets sick, so everyone needs insurance! If he doesn't have insurance, he should have the courage of his convictions and not go to the emergency room if he's in an accident! Unless of course he has a spare couple hundred grand to pay the bill-then he's cool.

sukabi said...

the mandated insurance thing was breached along time ago with car insurance... so good luck with that...

I'm looking forward to the law suits brought by folks objecting to their tax monies being used to wage wars, and fund "faith-based" initiatives, instead of necessary things like infrastructure, education and healthcare...

seems only fair...

Anonymous said...

No opt out allowed from Social Security. I can't see how health care would differ? vox

guessed said...

after citizens united, jeffrey toobin noted every case that has come up so far, the roberts court has come down on the side of corporations every time.

so i'm guessing they'll approve mandates, if they even decide to review it.

nice to see obama and the conservative court intersect.

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Unknown said...

David Gregory is a mockery, hardly a journalist. The whole notion that he "moderates" on some MSNBC sham TV tabloid called "Meet the Press" is an effrontery to the American ideal of Freedom of the Press.