Monday, March 22, 2010

That's Life

I watched a little bit of Life last night. Spectacular viewing, but I'll wait for David Attenborough's narrated version to come out on blu-ray so I can enjoy it without being Americanized as some marmot is turned into Mickey Mouse ("nice marmot").

sums this up:

2. Animals Are Not People: I'm sorry, but the hippo is not going off "in search of love." He is going to try to find a lady to mate with because he has a biological imperative to pass along his genes. Stop trying to make him out to be Hugh Grant in a romantic comedy. He is just a big, stupid hippo who wants to fuck.

Y'know like Rush Limbaugh in San Jose, Costa Rica.


Sceptical Man said...

I tried to watch it, but the script and Oprah's reading of it made me change my mind. I agree with your perception of the preferableness of the Attenborough approach.

pansypoo said...

even modern culture has fucked up nature docs. sigh. it just seems so,.......feminized.

Anonymous said...

hadn't paid a bit of attention to this fuzzy event as I am still savoring last night's vote and trying to glean what's in it. and gauge the epidemic of broken windows across the country and at dem hdqtrs in Wichita which Maddow missed
vox:aka anon.

Murr Brewster said...

Oh now. Hugh Grant isn't all that big.

Marcellina said...

A beverage to Ms Brewster for beating me to the punch!

I didn't see the show, but it occurs to me that "He is going to try to find a lady to mate with because he has a biological imperative to pass along his genes" may well accurately define "searching for love" for several humans I know.

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