Monday, March 22, 2010

At this location last night

Some poor undocumented alien teen was applying the most regrettable stress-relief of his life, even if it came with a payoff of several hundred bucks an hour.

He'll never go to the Home Depot parking lot again.


Anonymous said...

I just tried Bing Maps, which the article links to. It's not quite ready for prime time. Given the name of my town (the name this location has gone by for the past 130 years), Bing stuck a virtual pin in the map about 50 miles south of here. Good ol' reliable Microsoft!

pansypoo said...

more likely he got wasted on oxy. i doubt he was able to preform last night. or he spent the night eating kittens for today's broadcast.

Anonymous said...

I must have missed something but wish I had the strength of will to fly my plane into Limpballs house.
regretably I have no plane and am not a pilot vox in this box

guessed said...

the humidity in florida is hell, even if you live on the water.