Saturday, March 27, 2010

This about sums up their relevance

When Bishops start talk about threatening pro-choice Catholics with ex-communication or being banned from communion, this is the appropriate retort...via Mary Ann Sorrentino:

A quarter-century ago -- at a time when about 10 priests in Rhode Island had already been accused of sexually abusing children -- the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence tried to stop my then-14-year-old daughter from making her confirmation because of her mother's work with Planned Parenthood. When that conversation took place in our pastor's office (and was taped by me), I was also told not to come to the rail, since I'd been excommunicated for that work.

My reply?

"Let me understand this, Father. Because of my work with women at Planned Parenthood, you don't want me to come to the rail and take communion from the hands of a man who sexually abuses children? Is that what you're telling me, Father?"

The whole article is well-worth a read.


sukabi said...

I read that yesterday, and I've gotta say, that if it was me, and I'd been excommunicated from some church for my work helping folks, that I sure as hell wouldn't still have my children in that organization...

but regardless, for an organization to be that blind and accommodating to the criminality of their priests while enforcing the treatment of children and women like pieces of property is appalling and not very "christ-like" to say the least.

pansypoo said...

even this bocaccio couldn't imagine.