Saturday, March 20, 2010

Six Years of Sucking

Last Thursday was the Sixth Anniversary of this blog (at this address, and the HTML disaster that was at Over that time, we've put up thousands of posts, I've probably put up about 10,000 or so.

Which is pretty good considering I used up most of my material by June 2005.

So thanks to all of you for reading; thanks to Res, DeDurkheim and Champollion for their contributions as well -- and for decreasing the suckiness.


StonyPillow said...

Congratulations and many thanks, sahib. May you and yours be blessed with health, long life, and little or no lower back pain.

Raoul Paste said...

Right back atcha, Turkmeister.
This is my favorite pea-green website.

gypsy howell said...

6 years of bloggy goodness. Thanks fezman.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, and thanks!

Olives and Arrows said...

Which is pretty good considering I used up most of my material by June 2005.

...and pretty much ALL of your material was exhausted by 2008 when it became obvious that the US had decisively won in Iraq. Yes, sad times indeed for the committed defeatist, like Attaturk.

All seriousness aside, congratulations on the six years of blogging at Rising Hegemon. Enjoyable style regardless of any difference of opinion.

Anonymous said...


Oh yeah ... that one. Congrats!


Anonymous said...

congratulations dude. I check you out every day to shake off the bleak news of the other sites.

sukabi said...

keep on snarkin' Atta, this has been one of the few places to get some smiley relief from all the asshats running things into the ground....

(except for the one guy who keeps dropping "smart pills" in the comments.)

driftglass said...

I'm pretty sure I have been loving AttaT's suquiness and stable of fine suque dungeon talent at least since the Dukakis Administration.

dancinfool said...

May your harem increase a thousand-fold...

Harry R. Sohl said...

"by 2008 when it became obvious that the US had decisively won in Iraq."

Oh, you silly cunt. If you'd been around, you know that we've been saying that since 2003.

See, we care about the troops. "We won - bring them home."

I hope, as a traitorous parasite, when you cash those checks you get for your propaganda, you hear the screams of all the wounded vets and the wails of all the surviving family-members of those who've died each month since you have personally profited of their misery.

Thanks, Attaturk and team, for all the snark. You’ve made dealing with trash like O/A much more bearable.

Snark on!

Oh, suh-nap!

pansypoo said...

my favorite insomniac.

MissBetsy said...

Just a lurker who never misses a day....thank you for all you guys do you are the greatest!

Anonymous said...

We all survived the eight year disaster of the Chimpitude era.

Something to celebrate there.


mungen said...


Anonymous said...

Attaturk Bey,

many many many thanks, for keeping us sane, at (obviously) the cost of your own sanity lo these many years, admire and envy your energy, awareness, and priceless (¡may your tribe increase!) snark, bless you, keep up the good work, so forth . . .

Culture of Tr√úth said...

Good job for 6 years Attaturk!

I love this blog!

Olives and Arrows said...

"by 2008 when it became obvious that the US had decisively won in Iraq."

Oh, you silly cunt. If you'd been around, you know that we've been saying that since 2003.

Calling lying, steaming pile of shit deposited by Harry R. Sohl.

Atta and his regulars were cheerleading hard for an humiliating American pull-out/loss in Iraq well into 2006. I could provide literally thousands of examples of comments in that vein if Atta's archives were still up.

The posts are still there, though.......

...for example, here's an Attaturk blog post from August of 2005 (the first one I happened to click on....and scrolled down an entire half an inch to find this bit of defeatist cheerleading:

I'm going to make an assumption here...
That this would not have happened if we'd been welcomed as liberators, if "We're Winning" or if we were "making progress":

BAGHDAD, Iraq - About 650 people — many of them women and children — were killed in a stampede Wednesday when panic engulfed a Shiite religious procession......

Anonymous said...

Seems decisive enough!

(insert 'sploding head effect here)

pansypoo said...

making it possible to laugh during thos awful aughts.

Capital J said...

Happy Blogday, A-man!

jimmiraybob said...

Happy 6th to all and many more.

The revolution will be snarked.

George said...

Congrats! The only major failing I see is you never blogrolled me :p

DrDick said...

Congratulations! It is well know all over the net that you suck better than anyone else! 8-)

Unknown said...

I remember your shameless blogwhoring from six years ago. I started reading you because I kind of felt sorry for you, then it became a regular read for me. haha

Retired Catholic said...

I am awestruck that you have managed to suck so consistently for so long in such a competitive environment.

Fearguth said...

Anita says it best: "You're my soul's inspiration and if I didn't say it then I do now."

Six more years, six more years!

w3ski said...

I have been reading you for years now. I appreciate every day you write, even if it's occasional drivel. Wish I could sweeten the pot for you but I am long time unemployed. You bring Joy to a drab world, you are Much Appreciated.

Major Woody said...

We came for the fezzes, we stayed for the suckiness!

res ipsa loquitur said...

I aspire to Attaturk-quality suckiness.

Sharl said...

Congratulations, and thank you for the past six years you've given us.

Another six, pleeeze!?!

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