Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Who cares what a bunch of broads thinks?"

That's pretty much the summation of Bart Stupak's reaction to the Catholic Nuns organization's breaking from the Bishops to endorse health care reform.

“When I’m drafting right to life language, I don’t call up the nuns.” He says he instead confers with other groups including “leading bishops, Focus on the Family, and The National Right to Life Committee.”

This can mean only one thing...


sukabi said...

why would Bart ask a bunch of celibate nuns about women's reproductive issues? It's better to ask a (supposedly) celibate man who will never have to make those choices / decisions for themselves what women can and can't do.

Seriously, just because nuns deal day in and day out with women's and children's issues what gives them the expertise to have a say?

/Stupak insanity

pansypoo said...

um, is that 'the family' influence speaking?

Anonymous said...

A rift? The Church is adrift. The pope is accused of conspiring in child abuse, the Bishops of conspiring in child abuse.
I haven't heard of the nuns doing a thing except trying to run most of the hospitals in the U.S. Vox,aka anon/ 3rd try

guessed said...

this reminds me of back when the senate bill was about to be passed, right before christmas, it was pointed out to senator klobuchar that a nurses union opposed the baucus bill. kobuchar shot back well, the AMA endorses the bill.

oh, i see, doctors trump a bunch of nurses. nice.

the senator neglected to point out the historically anti-reform AMA opposed having a public option. what quid pro quo was cut to win their endorsement, i wonder.