Thursday, March 25, 2010

If I was in the motion picture business...

All my movies would be in 3-D.

They'd be shown in 2-D, and the character development would be 1-D.

So add it all up...and I'd be Michael Bay with few explosions.


Anonymous said...

3d,2d,1d,nothing can
make a movie interest me
with so much live at five
on tv, telling me how nuts
are we. vox

MarkC said...

Bay & Bruckheimer, and are the Bach & Beethoven of our times! America loves heroes and the triumph of good over evil and you people who insist on moral complexity and character development are big babies! All this whining about how the "poverty of our political discourse" is encouraged by the corporate control and homogenization of artistic production is just a bunch of whining. You lost! Get with the program -- Transformers 3 comes out in 2011!

pansypoo said...

not better movies. same crap in 3D.