Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Coming Dip in the Unemployment Rate

So where do I apply for one of the new death panel gigs?


Raoul Paste said...

Next, the Soylent Green factories.
Imagine the job creation there.

DrDick said...

If you get one, I have a list ....

pansypoo said...

i want a job in the FEMA camps.

DanF said...

I'm just a softy, so sign me up for the re-education camps.

grumpy old man said...

I already for the IRS - does that qualify me for death panels or FEMA camps?

jimmiraybob said...

Let's see.
• Soylent Green factories, check.
• FEMA camps, check.
• Re-education camps, check.
• IRS - does that qualify me for death panels or FEMA camps, hmmmm, kinky.

Good. I see that everyone's gotten their secret marching orders. At last we can implement the Master Plan. Bwahahahahahah.

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