Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What TBogg says


There has been an awful lot of yelling and screaming about who's a real dirty fucking hippie and who's a poser and who is getting punched by who.

I never really get these dust ups...well, I do...but it always gets down to somebody screaming betrayal and telling other people how to do their jobs...and then they get personal.

I'm just a rather ridiculous and smart-ass blogger who does something else for a living between the manifestations of this obsessive/compulsive disorder that is blogging. Hence, I sit here and post almost everything in rapid succession between 3 and 6 am every fucking day, including my shift on FDL where you'll notice I pretty much do the same type of blogging I do here (often, because I'm lazy, the EXACT same thing).

(Nice try on turning something that is rather pathetic into something seeming noble...and failing, but I digress).

I am decidedly not an activist...I have neither the time nor inclination to be one. But I'm glad they exist. You cannot agitate without causing agitation. But again, not everything and every post that I'm not the author of is something I endorse either there or here (hell, I may not endorse everything I write) -- however, nobody has ever told me what the fuck to write about anywhere.

As far as the constant range-war between the left and the, uh, left on health care, what can I tell ya'? But I endorse what TBogg says...

In a few months we are going to be looking at the 2010 elections and you will find that all of your purity trolling and finger pointing and blame casting and the self-righteousness that is turning the Democratic party into an open-air abattoir will not, in the long run, prove to be helpful.

Therefore, I would like to slip on my dad sweater, plop all of you on my knee, take a puff of my pipe and give you some fatherly advice:

Chill the fuck out.

Thank you. You may now go back to destroying America.


Anonymous said...

It appears the media is doing more to foment all this stupidity of the party doing itself in than even the democrats. who exactly should chill?
People like Broder, Hiatt, M. Dowd, mara liasson etc. Vox

Jim said...

As Anon suggests, we should all focus on the real enemy: Fredid Brodiat.

But the real question: How the hell do you get up at 3 am? I wish I could get up at 6.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but when Jane Hamsher shits the bed with Grover Norquist, it's time for her to go out of the tent.

GregL190 said...

Atta, fer gawd sakes, don't digress in public. Nobody wants to see that. Do it behind closed doors like everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:06 a.m, I totally agree. It's one thing to simply disagree. It's a whole nuther thing to hold hands with Karl Rove. And telling someone to sit down, shut up and chill reminds me of the old days when they said that to all of us.

Montag said...

Ah, well, the Dems were destined to shoot themselves in the foot. That's their nature.

We wanted a brand-new shiny 60 mpg hybrid, and we got a smoking, wheezing 1961 Nash Rambler with bad ball joints and rusted rocker panels.

And it's gonna cost us more than that spiffy new hybrid, because the salesmen were all in cahoots with each other.

I don't see much to be happy about, and I have a lot of company. And, sorry, but I don't buy a lot of the rhetoric coming out of Congress at the moment, especially the "OMG, if we don't do it now, we won't do anything on health care for another forty years" argument. They could, if they wanted, admit that they've created a monster, pitch it in the wastebasket, and start over with the best possible plan tomorrow.

But, that would also mean that young Mr. Obama would have to admit to himself that the Repugs don't want to play nice and don't want to be his friends, and Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi would have to do their jobs and kick out the lobbyists and get their troops in line.

As it is, talk of the elections coming up is supposed to rally the troops and cut the internecine warfare, which is pretty much pointless. The Dems fucked themselves the moment they embarked on this corrupted process, the moment they started letting the Repugs and the for-profit system own them.

Enjoy that Rambler, y'hear, America? And, no, we don't warrant that it will get you to the polls in November....

pansypoo said...

congress just didn't want the 100 mph diesel. now get in the nash and shut up.

it moves. this is what america does.

pansypoo said...

congress just didn't want the 100 mph diesel. now get in the nash and shut up.

it moves. this is what america does.

guessed said...

but I understand your concerns.

i don't think so.

patronizing little fuck.

res ipsa loquitur said...

Does everyone want 1980 redux?

If so, we should keep going the way we're going.

Culture of Tr√úth said...

He speaks for me.

Though to be fair I've been saying the same thing.

guessed said...

how am i supposed to take somebody seriously who says this?

I am not as invested in HCR as, well, almost all of you are

what does that mean? he hasn't read up on the issue? he hasn't pondered the far reaching consequence?

guessed said...

Does everyone want 1980 redux? If so, we should keep going the way we're going.

sure, blame the powerless for the actions of the powerful. peons are supposed to march in lockstep, without objections and without thinking.

Anonymous said...


Jane Hamsher is over there calling healthcare reform "fascist." Col. Mustard is nearby, pointing out that "even the progressive Jane Hamsher," etc. You want to avoid 1980 redux? Tell Jane Hamsher to shut, er, I mean, chill.

pansypoo said...

jane needs to move to canada and be happy.