Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Peppers of Mass Destruction

The weirdest thing I've read today (so far): Indian military to weaponize world's hottest chili.


jimmiraybob said...

The weaponization of stupid? Faux News/World Nut Daily/movement conservatism all part of elaborate Pentagon experiment? Chinese sneak attack?

Hay Caramba!

Greendayman said...

At least it won't leave depleted uranium all over the place. Finally, an eco-friendly weapon of mass destruction.

Montag said...

From the picture, it look like a hybrid habanero of sorts--certainly looks to be in that family.

No surprise, though. At least they're not trying to surgically modify the peppers to spy on us, which is what our defense/intelligence agencies would do....

Anonymous said...

Nice to have at a teabagger meetup. vox

pansypoo said...

pfft. if it doesn't melt glass, it will be a condiment.

DrDick said...

Dammit, they better not have stolen my chili recipe for this!

grumpy old man said...

Remember, chilies are a new world product so they are all hybrids. They are a part of the nightshade family that includes potatoes and tomatoes. Capsaicin in its pure form is about 16 mega-coville units.

res ipsa loquitur said...

I don't know what a "mega-coville unit" is, but I do know that sometimes if I eat a really hot chilie or chilie sauce I feel a little high, which is not a complaint, btw.

Sharl said...

According to the mighty Wikipedia, it looks like it is actually called the "Scoville Scale":

The Scoville scale measures the hotness or piquancy of a chili pepper, as defined by the amount of capsaicin it contains.

grumpy old man said...

Yeah, Yeah so I can't poorfeed (proofread)! When I said mega-coville, I was referencing 1 million scoville units but left off the 's'.
Most people know that 'mega' attached to a unit means a million (megaton - million ton) though modern parlance has 'mega' just meaning 'lots' but I digress.

grumpy old man said...

Ick, my avatar is beginning to irritate me - I used it to irritate some wingnut blogs and forgot to change it.

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