Friday, March 26, 2010


What did it take for McCain to get through this without flying into one of his patented Ragegasms? Bet he was flipping over couch cushions looking for strays from Cindy's old stash.

Update: Ooo, look. Sarah wore her leathers.

Country First!


Montag said...

A really, really, really stiff upper lip, for one thing.

He knows that the crazies are sticking to Hayworth like shit to a blanket, and he's desperate for some crazy to rub off on him.

He's an even bigger political whore than Palin (part of the reason he chose her in the first place, and certainly proved true by his behavior when he first arrived in Congress), so, he's going to bite down and smile and wave and hug him some snowbilly in the hopes that the really, really stupid teabaggers (in AZ, that's most of them) will vote for him, thinking that Palin's still on his ticket, sort of a co-Senator, or a shadow Senator, or something, or that he's still running for President in 2010, and Palin's gonna be Vice President at last.

There's just no other way to understand what's going on here. It's all mendacious, self-serving bullshit piled so high that it can't be ignored.

Athenawise said...

From Poopzooka, the best Gawker comment: " ... And the hand gesture is meant to show the approximate size and shape of her cervix and uterus. Republican voters dig fertility."

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Update: Ooo, look. Sarah wore her leathers.

The better to keep grampaw in line. Don't want to be left to freeze or fry in the attic, gramps? Then STFU.

pansypoo said...

throwing the last palin hail mary didn't work very well.