Friday, March 26, 2010

I'll go with an even shorter Digby

The right-wing claims about how the left is causing them to be violent can be summed up as the most frequent line on "Cops":

"Bitch made me hit her"

Yeah, it is about that eloquent and about that morally fucked.

By the way, the latest update:

Cantor office incident, confirmed random unintentional shot fired off by Yosemite Sam impersonator. But the deliberately lie served it's purpose as it got saps in the media to suck it up so that they could proclaim "both sides do it" -- a theme that shall continue wherever David Gregory is allowed to speak.


Albemarle County fire marshals and the FBI have confirmed that the gas line cut at Congressman Tom Perriello's brother's house was cut intentional.


Montag said...

Ah, well, this is something that we all knew, explicitly or implicitly: Republicans are duplicitous, lying, scurrilous assholes.

Over and out.

StonyPillow said...

The black D.A.R.E. tee shirt you always see on COPS would be a great new unofficial teabagger uniform. It might be helpful if they could identify each other. It definitely would make me more comfortable knowing who they are by sight.

I love COPS. Come home after a crappy day at work, crack open a beer, and you're guaranteed to see clowns having a much worse day than you. Cheers me up every time I need it. The beers help, too.

pansypoo said...

cantor's bullshit is worse. & he should be called on his LIE. wasn't even a campaign office and NOT IN HIS DISTRICT. a random window!

truthiness to the core.