Monday, March 22, 2010

"No we can't"

Having hit the trifecta of slurs ( "Nigger" , "Faggot", and "Wetback") they must have been disappointed to miss seeing a lynching:

For most of the day, the Tea Party demonstrators had been the most vocal, chanting “We the people,” “No, no, no,” and “kill the bill.” But as it became clear that Democrats had won the votes of key anti-abortion lawmakers, the Tea Party protesters lost their enthusiasm, and their numbers shrank.

They were quickly replaced by those who'd supported the health care overhaul as well as hundreds of demonstrators favoring immigration legislation.

That must have coincided with FoxNews coverage ending.


StonyPillow said...

The Rage of the Teabaggers is going to end in violence. And every Republican will say, "I didn't do it". And everyone in the media will either ignore it or laugh it off as the isolated act of a madman. And it will be just another day.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are wrong Stony, but fear that you are absolutely correct.

Still remember these idiots from '08

Not that anyone seemed to notice much in the news here, which I thought was a bit odd ....

DanF said...

My guess is that the movement peters-out, but it only takes a handful of nuts to cause real damage and they have more than a handful.

guessed said...

or all of the southern authorities will arrive at the conclusion that the man lynched himself.

jimmiraybob said...

Given everything and given this analysis by conservative David Frum (please don't hurt me), I'm calling this one for Obama - clearly this NCR victory will give cover to the more reasonable (less radical in Frum's words) elements of the GOP to start doing something to restore a functioning government.

I'm guessing that when Obama was pow wowing with Republicans that it was mostly with the moderate elements hoping for a comeback and that were trapped by party politics (and the ascendancy of the radical right Tea Bag/Beck/Palin nation). I'm wondering if he was given a message that if HCR passed they would open up a front against the nutball wing of the GOP. The radical nutbag wing that is now out on the broken limb of defeat. And, let's face it, Palin has no more real traction.

Nice job Frum (FSM, please don't forsake me). Interesting times ahead.

guessed said...

jimmiray, what's ncr?

jimmiraybob said...

That should be HCR (health care reform). Apologies all around.

pansypoo said...

yeah, it's early, but it would be cool if they got lieberfuckenputz or mccant.

jimmiraybob said...

And, before I'm off to round up grannies, I have a suggestion for Randy "Baby Killer" Neugebauer (R-Tex.). I think that you should offer an bill that will take all monies, that are minted or in any way regulated by the US Government, away from any non-Christian that could possibly consider an abortion for themselves or a loved one.

Since it's been established that these dollars are fungible all money owned by liberal-fascist, baby-killing, bad Americans should be confiscated locked up.

Oh wait a minute, since fungible federal dollars would in some way be used for feeding or housing these evil perpetrators then maybe it's best to just eliminate those accused. Maybe there should be some kind of tribunal before hand.

Man, this fungibility thing is crazy. The more I think about it the more I realize how much inquisitions and stoning to death really make sense.

DanF said...

jimmiraybob - Are you implying that money is the root of all evil? Unpossible!

DrDick said...

As StonyPillow observes, this is going to end badly. I really predict a resurgence of rightwing violence like we saw in the late 70s and 90s. Funny how this always corresponds to a Democratic president. This time it will be aggravated by the incumbents complexion.

Anonymous said...

Teabaggers try to whip others into such a frenzy that one or more will be consumed with enough hatred to fly his plane into a gummit building or have a shoot out at a Metro station somewhere, then someone else, somewhere else will continue the insanity...of course not those who were whipping them (vox in a box)

Olives and Arrows said...

As StonyPillow observes, this is going to end badly. ........ like we saw in the late 70s and 90s. Funny how this always corresponds to a Democratic president.

So...lemmee get this straight? What you're saying is that following we will get the same result as after the 70s and the 90s? Namely, that we'll get consecutive terms for GOP Presidents, such as Reagan in the early 80's, Bush the elder after that, and then another two terms with Bush junior after 2000.
Is that what Stony Pillow means by "ending badly"?

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