Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ah at last the equation MITT ROMNEY'S CIRCLE OF LIFE!

Corporations = Harvested by Bain

Corporations = People

People = Soylent Green BLATHER, RINSE, REPEAT!


pansypoo said...

vampire squid. sort of like that new vacuum of the sea i just read about. shame vampires are 'in' now.

jimmiraybob said...

Hey, Cayman Islands bank accounts are also too people, my friend!

And I understand that former president W will be going to an investors conference at the Cayman Islands the week before the election to shore up support among this crucial Romney/Ryan constituency.

Montag said...

If we really wanted to put the Marines and Special Forces to good use, we'd invade the tax havens, occupy the shell companies there and liberate their records.

And then give them all to Wikileaks.

But, nooooo! We can't do that. It would enrage the biggest worldwide terrorists of all, al-Wall Street.