Monday, September 24, 2012

Too related to fail

I do so look forward to the next affirmative action diatribe on FoxNews or the New York Post.

James Murdoch will be given more responsibility over News Corp's U.S. television operations more than a year after he became a central figure in the company's telephone hacking scandal in the UK, two sources familiar with the matter said.
via AmericaBlog


StonyPillow said...

There has been much speculation in recent months about how News Corp would cram all of its executive talent into the new entertainment company following the split.

They're Fox. They'll find a way. It's what they do.

Montag said...

Good. The odds are quite high that he'll fuck up this bit of Ruprecht's empire, too. Anything that will eventually turn Fox News into a smoldering hulk of itself is a good thing.

As for the news executives jumping ship to the entertainment division, that sounds like a great way to submerge the entire U.S. operation. Just as a thought experiment, imagine Roger Ailes trying to run roughshod over the Simpsons bunch, telling them what content was required or acceptable.

The first time he tried that, their next episode would have him roasting on a spit in Hell, with Bill Clinton basting him with puree of Reagan.

DrDick said...

The plutarchspawn cannot fail. The world can only fail them.

pansypoo said...

the sleeze wins the power.