Thursday, September 20, 2012

Y'know at the end of the day

Don't you figure that Romney will end up with about 47% of the vote?

I think we should all point and laugh when that happens.


pansypoo said...

no. i want him to lose by more. they are that unacceptable.

smartalek said...

From your mouth to God's ear, as my people might put it.
But in an election typified by...
...the "fundamentals" as they are
...the record of Pres Obama (esp his1st 2 years, and all the various acts & statements made that so displeased so many of us who are even an angstrom to the left of the DLC/"new wave"/"3rd-way" Dem's -- and not to mention all the acts & statements *not* undertaken that could and should have been)
...the apparent effectiveness of the Publican strategy of willful Congressional sabotage of our economy, our standing in the world, and our security
...the unparalleled levels of deception of the current crew of Publicans
...the unparalleled connivance of the corporate media in furthering the above
...the unparalleled extent of Publican disenfranchisement efforts
...the Citizens United decision
...the obvious willingness and ability of the Publicans to try to steal yet another election,
I will be absolutely thrilled if the popular vote -- as "officially reported" -- should wind up with His Mendacity at nothing more than 47%.

smartalek said...

I meant to say, "unparalleled *in the last half-century* extent of Publican disenfranchisement efforts."
Tho' the motives are identical, the nature and degree of the current disenfranchisement moves obviously don't approach those of the Jim Crow era.