Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What TBogg says

This sums it up brilliantly (and by the way, Goodell makes $20 million a year):
After Monday night’s game debacle , it safe to say that we haven’t seen the head of an organization damage their brand this badly since Nancy Brinker let Karen Handel herd the Komen cash cow onto the killing floor. That turned out real well now, didn’t it?


Anonymous said...

My opinion is that Goodell does what he is told to do.

It's the owners, who should have learned from the players strike, who are doing this over peanuts. It's all theirs.

Steve Young's comments at the end of the game last night on the owners and "the brand" was great because of his anguish over what the owners have done.

($20 million! Hell, I'd do it for half that much. In fact, Pay me $20 million a year and I'll personally take care of the refs. Problem solved!)

pansypoo said...

networks will make them make a deal.