Thursday, September 27, 2012

Points for Honesty I guess

From a guy who has been accused of criminal dishonesty...
The top reason Adelson gave for backing Romney and opposing President Barack Obama is "self defense," as Allen put it, referencing the probe into Las Vegas Sands Corp.

"Adelson said a second Obama term would bring government 'vilification of people that were against him.' He thinks he would be at the top of that list and contends that he already has been targeted for his political activity," Allen wrote.

Adelson's casino empire, the bulk of which is based in Asia, is being investigated for bribery and money laundering. He told Allen that Justice Department officials have been disparaging him in the press. "When I see what's happening to me and this company, about accusations that are unfounded -- that kind of behavior ... has to stop," he told Allen.
So he's buying Mitt and expects him to stay bought.

Well, that makes you feel great about democracy, eh?  Good job Supremes.


StonyPillow said...

Adelman's millions to Gingrich ensured the nomination of Rmoney, which seems to have ensured the election of Obama.

Is Sheldon ready to scissor? (NSFW)

pansypoo said...

so he admits he's guilty?

Montag said...

Ah, well, let's hope that ol' Shelly gets the opportunity to feel the way George W. Bush did drilling for oil in Texas--nothing but dry holes.

The best thing that could happen in the age of the Citizens United decision is for Adelson to dump $100 million of his ill-gotten gains on losing bet after losing bet. First, Newticles, and now, Rmoney. That's even better than shoveling quarters into the one-armed bandits in his casinos.