Friday, September 28, 2012

Another conservative bromide down the shitter

How about that?

The arms race in CEO pay doesn’t help performance or retention, according to a new study.

Outsized CEO pay has been a bone of contention for shareholders and a flashpoint for public discontent, but was always justified with the conventional wisdom that if a company doesn’t pay its top brass top dollar, they’ll go somewhere where they can earn more.

Charles Elson and Craig Ferrere, director and fellow, respectively, at the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware, took aim at this long-held theory in a new paper, as reported by the New York Times last weekend.
This is like 90 percent of CNBC programming so....


Athenawise said...

Inflated CEO salaries and perks are a pernicious force in the marketplace. They create a sense of entitlement and an inflated feeling of importance and accomplishment.

You know ... like Congress.

pansypoo said...

one of the biggest piles of crap. time for a sanity reset.

Anonymous said...

It would be cool to see a "race to the bottom" for CEO's but, alas, the culture of entitlement is far too deeply entrenched for that to happen now.

What if the salary for serving in Congress were pegged to match the median US income...? that way all the corporate whores could experience the direct result of their decisions.

Steven Castaneda said...

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