Thursday, September 20, 2012

Way to "really" want it

One does see what a naturally hard worker Mitt Romney is:

Mitt Romney has had a light campaign schedule lately. He held his first rally in five days on Wednesday night.
Obama maintains a more vigorous campaign schedule AND is also President.

The rest of the cited article states that Romney has managed to create a bottleneck on his spending which coupled with his not working too hard -- all while starting to crater as a candidate -- that shows that he'd be a terrible President for even more reasons -- he kind of does not care much.

This sort of sucks for a few other reasons -- now when they lose, and it certainly seems likely now -- the GOP will not deal with its real problem (way too far right) but blame the candidate again.  That was probably going to be the case anyway, but now they'll just blame the messenger...again.


Anonymous said...

Of course they'll blame the candidate instead of the constituency, but will the David Gregorys of the world follow along?

Sadly, probably yes.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and blame the candidate, Repigs. And watch your party crater deeper and deeper in future elections. A party that revels in being king of its own self-enclosed fantasy world isn't going to be very strong on analyzing evidence and adapting when reality doesn't bend to their infantile tantrums.

This is what happens when you have contempt for science and reality in the name of authoritarianism and ideology. I look forward to them falling hard on their face.

pansypoo said...

lovely. he will werk hard for sure.