Sunday, September 16, 2012

Re: Netanyahu

Apparently to the surprise of no one -- and undoubtedly unbothered by anything that could be interpreted as a follow up from David Gregory -- Netanyahu goes out and waves the sabre demanding WAR against the "fanatics" of Iran.

He is, of course, by default a "serious" person in the way the even more deluded (but significantly less influential in his own country) Ahmadinejad can never be. 

But I'm pretty confident no matter how many times folks like Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol and others blow Bibi, others are not at all comfortable at this point in getting involved in yet another war with a foe that can really fuck shit up if we kick that hornet's nest...never mind the ten-dollar a gallon gas, the widespread death is a real turnoff unless you are a fucking sociopath.

But it gets even more repulsive when a leader of another country, even one which is an ally, comes here, sticks their nose in OUR domestic politics and demands the WE go to war against another country.  There's ample reason why more than two-thirds of America's Jewish voters favor Obama -- but the fact he will not go for Netanyahu and the Neo-Cons war fantasies is among them.

You can do poll after poll after poll and while people may be concerned about Iran having a nuclear weapon, they do not want a war -- and that is the special gift that Netanyahu is demanding.  And the fact that he comes into our country and waves the sabre, while getting what will undoubtedly be a knob-job from Gregory makes it even worse.


Montag said...

When the military dictators in Brazil had a bomb program, we didn't get all hot and bothered about it. When the apartheid government of South Africa actually built half a dozen bombs (with Israel's help), we didn't get excited. We even looked the other way when Pakistan was building their first bomb, because Pakistan was helping us in Afghanistan. Same with India in the `70s.

Mind you, proliferation is not a good thing, but, even if Iran were building a bomb (which I don't think they are), one can almost understand why, given the bellicosity of the Israelis and the neocon nutjobs toward Iran.

If Bibi is here demanding we fight a war he wants and generally making an asshole of himself, I hope the saner members of the country (those few of them left) who still support Israel see this for what it is.

StonyPillow said...

Rmoney is unfit for the Presidency. He will let Bibi lead him by the nose into another bloody, costly, stupid war in Asia because Sheldon wants it, and he owes Sheldon far too much to say no.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I am most concerned with that Middle Eastern country that has nuclear weapons, a history of attacking its neighbors and a psycho PM in Bugsy Netanyahu, Israel.

Anonymous said...

If Bibi wants war, let Israel do it. And let them foot the bill.

pansypoo said...

how long + how far tll we can call ISRAEL a rogue state?

Anonymous said...

"And hurry up with this month's aid check," Netanyahu could have said.

I really have to stop and wonder what the US gets out of heavily supporting a country that barks ultimatums like it is our boss.

merlallen said...

whenever anyone says "let's you and him fight" the proper response is "Fuck you".