Thursday, September 27, 2012

See if Mitt Romney's conscience is there too

As good a place as any:
Police will be taking soil core samples at a home in Roseville [Michigan] on Friday in search of the remains of missing Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa, whose 1975 disappearance sparked one of the 20th century’s biggest mysteries. “We received information from an individual who saw something,” Roseville Police Chief James Berlin told the Free Press. “The information seemed credible, so we decided to follow up on it.”


Montag said...

In a way, I hope this doesn't pan out, because I almost prefer the story prevailing in Michigan in the late `70s, that Hoffa became part of a concrete overpass abutment on I-75.

It's almost fitting that Hoffa in death would be doing more for the Teamsters than he ever did in life--holding up part of the roadway.

Rayahzi said...

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