Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So outrageous you cannot criticise him for it

As a resident of Iowa I've posted on here a few times about "Iowa's Shame" Steve King. King, who has represented the extremely conservative northwest corner of Iowa for years has seen himself in a reconfigured district for 2012. As a result more voters close to metropolitan and far more progressive Omaha/Council Bluffs and Des Moines mean he has a real Democratic challenger, Christie Vilsack.

King has made innumerable racists, sexist, bigoted, homophobic and simply stupid statements in his career -- sadly some of these statements have political support from his conservative base.

But there is generally one area that even the far-right and far-left agree -- naturally it isn't about human beings, it is about dogs. Steve King is so dumb and thuggish he defends dog fighting. Even in the most conservative household that would be unpopular.

It is also hard to get that story out.
Four Iowa television stations are refusing to air a TV ad from an animal welfare political group that criticizes U.S. Rep. Steve King for opposing federal legislation that would ban people from taking children to animal fights. Officials with KCCI-TV and WHO-TV in Des Moines, WOI-TV in West Des Moines and KCAU-TV in Sioux City today confirmed they have rejected the ad from the Humane Society Legislative Fund, based in Washington, D.C. The fund said today it is launching a TV ad campaign opposing King’s reelection to Congress on TV stations in the Sioux City, Des Moines and Mason City television markets. King is a Republican from Kiron in northwest Iowa.
The reason is that the commercial shows the by-product of animal cruelty, the cruelty Steve King supports -- meaning they may allow the ad to run, as long as it is cleaned up...maybe with a Sarah McLachlan song?

 Goodness forbid the ad be accurate.

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StonyPillow said...

Sarah McLachlan and Roberta Flack get a pass. Point of Personal Privilege. Don't care if it's Queen of Mean money.

pansypoo said...

speak softly + carry a big stick. tho suble doesn't wok w/ publicans.