Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's hard to believe one can be too egotistical and craven to be President

After all, just running for it takes one hell of a lot of self-belief and arrogance (but only the black guy gets called out for it, amazingly).   But even amongst the rich history of narcissism and opportunism of presidential candidates and Presidents (LBJ, Nixon, Polk, etc.) Romney may take the cake:

One Republican official advising Romney's campaign on foreign policy and national security issues painted a picture of a Romney campaign more focused on ensuring Romney's evening statement made it into morning news stories than on waiting for details about what had happened.

This official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid angering Romney's campaign, said that as word of violence spread, campaign aides late Tuesday watched tweets coming out of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo that were criticizing the filmmaker rather than condemning the attackers, and saw an opportunity to criticize Obama
Romney, like most projectionists, is at his most hypocritical when repeating his mantra -- "America's the greatest, I'll never apologize for America" etc. Here he is ACTIVELY hoping for disaster so as to score political points for himself.

That's sort of like Thomas Dewey, FDR's opponent in the 1944 election rooting for D-Day to end badly, which criticizing the Omaha beach landings while they were occurring and encountering difficulty...which Thomas Dewey most certainly did not do.


jimmiraybob johnson said...

It's hard ...."

That reminds me, have you seen where the Grifter Moose Slayer is fantasizing over Sheriff Bart's stick?

The right Reverend Johnson (of the Rock Ridge Johnsons) - "Ooooohhhhh Rock Creek, where would we be without our very special citizens. We will now read from Matthew, Mark, Luke..."

Anonymous said...

Funny how the "free speech" advocates don't seem to have a problem with the fake casting notice, "Sam Bacile," and the overdubbing...almost like they were ashamed to say what they really thought.

Anonymous said...

The spirit of the vulture capitalist.
"Someone died? How can I take advantage of this?"
What a self-centered amoral asshole.

pansypoo said...

gee. bear baiting good.