Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I know a little golf history, and there's a pretty solid argument that Jack Nicklaus is the best golfer of all time (but a good counter argument it's Bobby Jones, Walter Hagan, Harry Vardin, Sam Snead, or Ben Hogan...oh yes, that Tiger Woods fella too).

But that's not enough for "sports historian and ultimate white guy" Mitt Romney, who really needs that "Rich White Guy at the Country Club Demographic":

* Jim Thorpe
* Jim Brown
* Jesse Owens
* Babe Zaharias
* Mohammad Ali
* Sugar Ray Robinson

* Michael Phelps
Mark Spitz * Michael Jordan
* Jerry Rice
* Babe Ruth
* Willie Mays
* Hank Aaron
* Wayne Gretzky
* Carl Lewis
* Rafer Johnson
* Bob Mathias
* Jackie-Joyner Kersey

And with one exception those are JUST Americans (one Canadian) and I'm missing some obvious ones, besides every other nation in the world.

If you had to sit down and pick the person the most out of touch old fatcat plebian in the world would pick it would probably be "I bet Mitt Romney is so out of touch he thinks Jack Nicklaus is the greatest athlete ever".



Downpuppy said...

Nicklaus never even bothered to get in shape. Guy was a doughball.

& Phelps? Wrong century.

Anonymous said...

Mark Spitz, anyone?

Sharon said...

Remove all the blah people and the list is a LOT shorter. (Mittens will only mentions persons of pallor.)

StonyPillow said...

Jack Nicklaus has a net worth of $280 million. Arnold Palmer's net worth is $675 million. But Arnold Palmer is not a Republican. So, Arnold must be a taker, not a maker.

And since Ryan has never worked a real job in his whole life (except for the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile), he's neither jellymaker not jellytaker. Does that make him a tree-shaker?

merlallen said...

he was quoting a Sports Illustrated article from a few years ago. Plus, big fucking deal so what. I couldn't hate him anymore than I already do.

The National Crackpot said...

That all ya got? Real hard hitting political criticism you got there bub. Next thing you'll be telling us what Mitt-for-Brains thinks about kitty cats. Yeah, that Romney is real jerk for talking about golf. Don't vote for that guy. Hey, let's talk about Bush now!

Montag said...

What a great intro Rmoney's musings on golf make for this.

Anonymous said...

Hey crackpot, this is a snark site, try to keep up.

Anonymous said...

I can like Nicklaus for his performance in golf for many years, but best "athlete"?

Guys can argue this for years over a few beers, but I would think the best athlete would be someone a Champion in multiple sports.

Bob Hayes Olympic Gold medalist sprinter and a Dallas Cowboy with a Superbowl ring?

"Babe" Didrikson a Champ in golf, basketball, track and field?

Bo Jackson in the NFL and in Major League Baseball?

Sonny Jurgenson in baseball and the NFL?

This is fun bar talk and Romney should leave it there.

newbroom said...

I say old chap, it was Rod Laver.
You kiddin? nah...t'was Earl Anthony
HUH? Is everybody fergittin Dale?

Me? I'm thinking...Bobby really...Jim Thorpe, Bill Russel?

pansypoo said...

if he loses the base too......................

Substance McGravitas said...

Come on. There is no piece of sports footage that will live on like Jack Nicklaus dunking on Manute Bol.

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